ATA Uniforms

Listed below are detailed descriptions for all the uniforms offered by WMA. Please note which uniforms can have heat transfers/silk screens applied.
New Student
7 oz. 55/45 pre-shrunk cotton/poly blend. Ideal for those just starting off in the martial arts. The pants feature an elastic waistband with an enclosed drawstring and have a wide-cut thigh with a tapered ankle, suitable for high action techniques. Can heat transfer/silk screen.

Instructor Middleweight
10 oz. 55/45 cotton/poly blend. The pants feature an elastic waistband with an enclosed drawstring. All stitching is reinforced for added strength, while still maintaining a comfortable feel.

Black & Red XMA
10 oz. 100% brushed cotton fabric. Traditional jacket and elastic waist pants with enclosed drawstring feature reinforced hems and vents for increased durability. Songahm Taekwondo is beautifully embroidered in Korean calligraphy on the left chest and left leg, the uniform also showcases the ATA logo on the right sleeve and the X-treme logo on the back. Black uniforms are exclusively worn during creative and X-treme competitions, as well as demo and sync team competitions at regional and national tournaments.
Approved for ATA Tournaments in Creative & Xtreme.
Champ III
Adidas Adi-Champ III Tae kwon do uniform A special blend of materials made to wicker away moisture. Mesh Gussets in the arms and legs for ease of kicking and training. The fabrics and woven structure make this the best Adi-Champ TKD uniform yet. Adidas ClimaCool technology zone. Made of 65% Cotton/ 35% Polyester. Special fabrics with woven structure. Set includes Jacket and Pants with elasticated waist and additional draw string.

Adidas Open Uniforms
  • Made of 55% cotton/45% polyester.
  • The Adidas Open Uniform is a ribbed uniform with an open jacket and includes an elastic drawstring waist pant.
  • Available in White, Black, Red, and Blue.
  • Belt not included.
  • The Black and Red Adidas Open Uniforms are approved for ATA Tournaments in Creative and Xtreme competitions only.
  • The White Adidas Open Uniform can be worn as your Traditional White Dobok and is approved for ATA Tournaments.
  • Blue Adidas Open Uniforms are for school programs only and NOT approved for ATA Tournaments
  • See ATA Tournament Rules HERE.

Adidas Team Uniforms
  • Made of 65% polyester/35% cotton.
    The Team Uniform shares the same craftsmanship as our ATA  Adidas Champ III uniform but has 3 stripes on the sleeves and the ATA Marital Arts logo on the right chest. The Adidas logo is embroidered on the left sleeve and right pant leg.
    CLIMACOOL technology provides ventilation and regulates temperature and perspiration.
    Pants have elastic waistband.
    Available in colors White, Black, Red, and Blue.
    Belt not included.

Adidas White and Blue Team Uniforms are for TEAMS ONLY and are approved for Team Competition at ATA Tournaments only

As of January 1st, 2022 the Black and Red Adidas Team Uniforms are Approved for ATA Tournaments exclusively in Creative & Xtreme.

Uniforms may have team names, participant names and team titles sewn by WMA on the backs of the uniforms. All team members must be in the same color uniform. Team uniforms with team names on them MAY NOT be worn in traditional, creative, or xtreme competitions.

See ATA Tournament Rules HERE

Team Uniform orders must be placed directly through your WMA Sales Rep. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Before placing the order, you must have your team registered and team name approved. All head coaches must submit a request for a new Team ID # prior to their team or teams competing at a tournament. This will be done using an online form that can be accessed HERE. Please allow up to 30 days for your team name to be approved.

Shureido Uniforms are available only through your Sales Rep. Please contact WMA to place Shureido uniform orders. 

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