Adding Rank to a Custom Black Belt

The custom black belt builder on WMAonline has the option for users to add a rank patch or embroidery rank on the belt. The following steps will help ensure that your belts are manufactured correctly.

Rank on Belts
Rank Tab on Black Belt Builder:
a. Notice that the Add Rank checkbox is not checked, indicating that the patch/embroidery is not in your cart.
Adding Rank to Belt:
a. Click box next to Add Rank.
b. Select the desired rank application (Patch or Embroidery) and degree (1Bar, 2Bar, ect.).
c. Notice that the Rank Patch is now visible in the Custom Belt review box below the Saved Cart buttons.
Floating Cart View:
a. Click Add to Shopping Cart.
b. Your Floating Cart will appear at the top of the screen. Notice that the Rank Patch and it's sewing charge are in the cart under the custom belt.
Shopping Cart View:
a. On your Shopping Cart screen, Notice that the Rank Patch and it's sewing charge are also in the cart under the custom belt.

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