Backorders & Product Availability

WMAonline offers the option to backorder items that are out of stock.

Backorders and Product Availability
Product Availability will be displayed as one of three statuses:
Available, Less than 10, or Out of Stock.

A product's status can be found in two places on the product details page: under the item number when a specific product is selected in the drop-down and in the stock status column in the show all tab.

To order Limited Stock or Out of Stock items:

a. View your Shopping Cart, after adding the desired items. Items that do not have enough stock to match your order will be denoted as Backorder Items.

You have two options for these items:

b.1 Click Fast Checkout to continue order and backorder denoted items.

b.2 Click the Set to Stock button to order what is currently in inventory.

Caution: If you have both Limited and Out of Stock items in your Shopping Cart, the Set to Stock button does NOT change the quantity for the Out of Stock item.

You will have to remove that item or set a quantity to backorder. Then click Update Quantity. Otherwise the Set to Stock button does NOT set the Limited stock items to stock status.

c. Click Fast Checkout.


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