ATA Opro Mouthguard

ATA Opro Mouthguard

ATA Opro Mouthguard

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Silver level mouth pieces are designed to go beyond the training ground and offer the protection you can count on during match day:

 - Match-level fit and comfort: The comfort and fit of the Silver mouthguard means you don’t have to       worry about it falling out while you have your head in the game.

- Safe and secure protection for your mouth: Comes with a resistant outer layer to absorb any blows,       protecting your teeth and gums from any flailing elbows or rogue sticks.

- Easy to mold: Our Silver mouthguard is simple and quick to mold. With our fitting handle, it becomes    even easier. Don’t take our word for it; take a look for yourself.

- Antimicrobial protection: As standard, every Silver mouthguard comes with an antimicrobial additive      that inhibits the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99%.


Tooth fractures, dislocations, and soft tissue cuts should be the last thing on your mind at a competition. That’s why we built our Gold sports mouthguard with a durable outer layer for optimum impact protection and a flexible inner layer for supreme comfort and fit.

Worn by athletes and trusted by professional sporting bodies worldwide, our Gold level mouth piece is designed with you in mind. Gone are the days of ill-fitting and hard to mold gum shields, our Gold mouthguard is a best seller for good reason.

- Easy-to-mold: Our Gold mouthguard comes with our very own fitting cradle that makes the fitting process effortless. On removal, it creates air cushions for added comfort and protection. Watch our real-time, step-by-step guide to see how it works.

- Competition-level fit and comfort: Anatomically-positioned fins mold to each individual tooth as you bite down, providing a custom fit for easy breathing and speaking, with no need to fiddle with position or keep taking your guard out.

- Superior protection for your mouth: Shock absorbing design gives you confidence in your protection, leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best.

Antimicrobial protection: Your mouthguard is protected with an antimicrobial additive and case for the life of your guard - minimising any risk of illness or infection.


The Power-Fit mouthguard combines several features that give it the absolute premium in comfort, fit, and protection:

- Our unique Power-Cage: Not only does our unique design allow for an unrivaled fit and exceptional comfort, but it’s also handy for molding your mouthguard, making self-fitting a quick and easy process.

- Even compression: The cage provides even compression over the whole Power-Fit gum shield during the molding process for a highly retentive fit.

- Handmade and unique: Make a statement from our selection of eye-popping, bold designs. Every Power-Fit mouthguard is made and assessed by hand to guarantee quality. Choose yours today. Your teeth; your style.

- Suitable for all sports: The Power-Fit mouthguard is suitable for all sports, including rugby, hockey, basketball, and combat sports
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ATA Opro Mouthguard

ATA Opro Mouthguard

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