Backorder Item Status

While WMA strives to maintain stock levels on all of our products, we do occasionally have items that become backordered. The following lists our current out-of-stock items and their expected arrival at WMA.

You have the ability to backorder these items on Your backordered items will ship when available. Visit our Backorder help page, for more information on placing backorders on

Item #Item DescriptionDue
18679Track Card 2 Mth Red03/22/18
26003Metal Kubaton Black03/22/18
22155Gold Stripe Purple Belt #503/27/18
21809WHWhite Ara Turtle T-Shirt Youth Small03/29/18
21810YEYellow Cheeri Cheetah T-Shirt Youth Medium03/29/18
21809BLBlue Mir Dragon T-Shirt Youth Small03/29/18
21652Blue ATA Dragon T-Shirt Youth Large03/30/18
21654Blue ATA Dragon T-Shirt Medium03/30/18
19000Ice Pack03/30/18
31640NKicker Bahng Mahng Ee Black Adult04/05/18
151800025ATA Presentation Folders05/30/18
019013Inner Arm Blocking Pad Black YouthOn Order
04310ATA Performance Ssahng Nat Silver YouthOn Order
04311ATA Performance Ssahng Nat Silver AdultOn Order
04310LGX5 Ssahng Nat Lime Green YouthOn Order
04310RBX5 Ssahng Nat Royal Blue YouthOn Order
04311RBX5 Ssahng Nat Royal Blue AdultOn Order
04310BIX5 Ssahng Nat Blue Illuminator YouthOn Order
04313RBX5 Ssahng Jeol Bong Royal Blue AdultOn Order
04315ATA Performance Jahng Bong Silver 4'On Order
04315RATA Performance Jang Bong Red 4'On Order
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