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Ready to use, Easy to move

The Versys VS.3 gives the martial arts athlete the most realistic training experience outside of live sparring, whether training alone or working out with a group. Recommended for traditional martial arts, group training, and self-defense, the VS.3 is a three-legged, oversized fight simulator that allows for any number of techniques, including inside leg and groin kicks. Use with or without gloves, for kids and adults alike.

Made of durable vinyl, with top handles for practicing clinch work and knee strikes, and a removable pad for groin kicks. Designed to realistically simulate a wide range of kicks, such as inside and outside leg kicks, side-kicks, spinning back and heel kicks, and groin strikes. The large, three-leg design allows for individual and group training at all levels. Ideal for multi-discipline combat training, including self-defense, boxing, martial arts, Muay Thai, kickboxing, and MMA. Versys bag is 60% lighter than most weighted free standing bags, with pre-filled base, moving easiliy on and off the training area.

Measures 18" Diameter x 69" Tall, approximately 100 lbs.

Versys Bags are NOT eligible to receive a wholesale discount, but their cost does count towards the order total to help qualify for the wholesale discount.

DROP SHIP ITEM: Versys Bags are not kept as inventory at WMA and will display as out of stock and backordered in your shopping cart. These items will be drop-shipped when the order is received by WMA.


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